I blame Neale entirely for my overwhelming tiredness this morning — via his Sims contest, I was introduced to The Sims, and last night, I stayed up way too late playing. Ugh. I knew that my problems were just beginning when I realized in the shower this morning that all of my dreams last night were about how to better the lives of my little Sims family.

(On a tangentially-related note: is anyone else scared that Neale is anthropomorphizing his toothbrush — or shall I say Toothbrush — a little too much? Of course, won’t I be the one with egg on my face when Neale is found battered and unconscious, with firm bristle marks around his head and neck region and a large plug of toothpaste obstructing his airway…)

For those who need their coffee as much as I do: caffeine.com. I actually learned some interesting factoids from their FAQ — the old yarn about tea having more caffeine than coffee is generally false, Barq’s Root Beer adds caffeine in part for its bitterness, Mello Yello has quite a bit more caffeine in it than any drink in part named “mellow” should, and there’s no caffeine in Mountain Dew in Canada. (Roger Espinosa confirms that last part; the next question is why?)

I have never understood the mentality that drives riots after winning important games in sports tournaments. Purdue students needed to be gassed last night after beating Gonzaga; Chicago has been notorious over the past decade for riots after the Bulls won their NBA Championships. Strange way to celebrate.


Yes, it’s true (or was, in 1997). Mountain Dew has no caffeine in Canada. After a trek across Canada by train, I grew obssessed with finding Mountain Dew in Banff, and finally finding it, realized how ridiculous it was, since there really was no point to it.

(Diet Mountain Dew at that…)

• Posted by: Roger Espinosa on Mar 24, 2000, 11:20 AM
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