A few articles of relevance to our upcoming honeymoon:

  • The Most Delicious Ham in the World: a lengthy description of the types of ham available in Spain, including jamón serrano and jamón ibérico. It’s actually a little unreasonable how excited I am about the latter, a type of ham that comes from acorn-fed pigs (resulting in a meat that’s suffused with the same types of fats that are in olive oil), is cured for a year and a half or more, and isn’t even available in America due to USDA regulations about processing of meats.
  • Jamon: another explanation of jamón ibérico, also describing the setup used to slice the ham in most tapas bars and restaurants.
  • Granada’s Alhambra: An Oasis of Elegance: Rick Steves’ description of the Alhambra, including information about the different types of visits.
  • Osuna: a bit of information about one of the white villages that sits between Grenada and Seville, tending towards historic architectural sites.

There will certainly be more to come!