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Last night, I was sitting in my apartment and heard thunder outside, and it hit me how few thunderstorms we get in New York City. When I was a kid in Texas, we’d get one or two a month, and I used to love sitting still, listening to the thunder and to the rain pound on the roof. I miss that.

Yesterday, I talked about the scary provision in the FAQ of Quality Web Enterprises’ free webhosting service saying that they have the right to publish anything that you put onto your QWE-hosted website; today, I noticed that the same FAQ says (said) the following:

Userland claims copyright ownership of all user interface elements presented on the websites originating from this service, as well as for the look and feel of the user interface. members retain the rights to any copyrighted material which they post on their website.

From Dave, this statement in the user agreement has now been modified, as has the wording on the QWE FAQ page — cool. I wondered if I was reading meaning that wasn’t intended; I guess so! I also had no idea that this statement originated in the user agreement; instead, I assumed (wrongly) that it was a QWE thing.

I am glad that I put UCSF relatively low on my rank list, seeing as Californians are intolerant blowhards that made my skin crawl when I heard that Proposition 22 passed last night. (Okay, not all Californians, just the 62% that voted for the measure, and especially not Meg.)

Cool — the Microsoft Developer Network Online Bug Center.

Am I the only one that thinks that the reverse of the Connecticut quarter, if turned 90 degrees in either direction, looks like the vasculature of the human kidney? Apparently not… thanks to Brendan O’Keefe for pointing out that Brunching Shuttlecocks thinks the same thing. (I’m looking for a good image to link to; if anyone knows of one, please mail me!)

Canadian authorities are pressing assault charges against Marty McSorley for his fairly horrendous stick attack against Donald Brashear. At heart, though, I’m pretty ambivalent as to whether hockey players who are normally allowed to pummel the crap out of each other without even referee intervention should all of a sudden have to answer for it in court. After all, I’ve seen fights nearly as bad since the McSorley incident. is a neat new web-based office suite, with its own mail, calendar, notes, and applications. It appears to be Internet Explorer-only, but I’m not positive of that.

The Go Network seems to have removed all forms of the Infoseek name from the Infoseek search engine. Why?

Every time I see the Staples “God” commercial I laugh. Great concept.

My chair is here! Well, sort of — the delivery left a message to work out when to drop it off. Let’s see how long this takes to get delivered; I’ve already had two problems with the delivery company’s ability to tell time.

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