These are the photo pages that I've put together over time, documenting things that have happened in my life, or just showing some pretty images that I've liked.

SXSW 2003: My trip to Austin, TX for the SXSW conference.

First Images with a StyleCam Blink: The first images that I took with my StyleCam Blink, shot around the hospital and on my commute home.

The High Line, August 2002: A trip up onto the High Line, the abandoned elevated railway that runs down the lower west side of Manhattan.

Washington D.C., March 2002: Shannon and I went down to see friends and check out the cherry blossoms.

SXSW 2002 in Photos: the pictures from my trip to Austin in March 2002, to finally meet all the people that I've been reading (and virtually communicating with) over the years.

Ground Zero, 1/1/2002: a set of images from my trip down to the site of the World Trade Center attacks on New Year's Day 2002.

Seattle 2001: a photo log of my vacation to visit my brother in Seattle in August and September of 2001. Includes my visit to the Experience Music Project, and a hike on the Hoh River Trail to see the Blue Glacier.

Just A Random Week: a week of walking around with my camera, taking pictures whenever it fit my fancy. Features a trip to the beach, dinner with a bunch of other people with sites, and even the corner of First and First.

2001 Birthday Weekend: pictures taken during the weekend of my birthday in 2001.

Super Bowl 2001: Our trip to Tampa, Florida, for the 2001 Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants.

Morrill's Party: Michelle's party for our graduation from med school, replete with both protodoctors and ruggers.

Super Bowl 2000, Take 3: Some images from an evening that we spent out in Atlanta.

Super Bowl 2000, Take 2: A few test images with Phil's Contax camera, of a beaut of a rental car we had in Atlanta.

Super Bowl 2000, Take 1: The environs of our week-long trip to transmit images back from the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia.

New Year's Eve 1999-2000: A small glimpse of our trip to New Orleans, for the Sugar Bowl and for New Years 2000. Most of these pictures were taken in the side room at Emerilís, our fabulous choice for our New Yearís Eve dinner and celebration.

Monkey-Cat: Some pictures of my cat (who must be part-monkey), taken to test out a Nikon D1 digicam.