Yet one more reason I currently hate Netscape. The style sheet for this page had “margin-left: 20px” within the style for P.quote; I had to remove it because with that one line in, Netscape stopped showing the calendar at the right of my page. (Try it yourself! This link is a static version of this page, but with the offending line in the style sheet. Open it in Netscape, and you probably won’t see the calendar on the right.) I’m running Netscape 4.6 on Linux and 4.7 on Win32; both have the problem. If your mileage varies, or if I am just doing something plain wrong, please mail me. (For more on my problem with Netscape, read Don’t cry for Netscape.)

Interestingly, I tried “margin-left: 10px”, and Netscape did show the calendar, except it was off to the right past the right margin of my window; I had to scroll right to see it. Why is Netscape’s product so bad when it comes to CSS?

Today, I’m headed to North Carolina for a pediatrics residency interview, so wish me luck! It’s at UNC, which has a pretty terrific program, and the cool part about it is that I am staying with an old medical student of my mother’s, who has two kids of her own and is a part-time pediatrician to boot. So circles are closing, and hopefully, karma is on my side.

A terrific article from Slate on the Phoenix GOP debate. By far my favorite quote (which is something that I have been bemoaning since the day I first heard the man speak):

One lesson Bush obviously did not learn from Dean Acheson is how to form a grammatical sentence. Maybe he does better in Spanish, but the man can barely speak English. W.’s most common difficultly, as in the above passage, is with noun-verb agreement. When he gets even slightly worked up, he can’t arbitrate between his seeming need for a plural verb and his seeming need for a singular one. So he uses both, as in his favored expression “are is.” Bush also commonly removes the “to” from infinitives, as with “in order promote the peace.” Syntax is not his friend.

This is somewhat scary. I was about to make a comment to the effect that this is why I don’t want to stay in NYC once I’m ready to have and raise kids, but I realized that there’s no reason why this is a pure NYC phenomenon… and I could easily envision this anywhere where schools are under pressure to raise their competency level marks.


I know, I’ve seen links to this before, but I just read more about it and it looks to be the coolest new technology that I’ve seen in a while. Some of it may be that the disks need to be transparent in order for it to work, which just makes them look that much cooler; another part of it may be that I just cannot envision the amount of storage space that they’re talking about — it’s like trying to envision the size of space (as in the stuff beyond the exosphere… or is exosphere space? I never can remember that one.).

Oh, and one small plug for my favorite online radio station (if only Live365 could keep their stuff together!).