A gracious thank you to Dave Winer, for his comments in today’s Scripting News.

State of Mind: the online radio station that I spend a great deal of time listening to, Dreamland Radio, has the Peanuts theme song in their rotation. Every time that it comes on, I feel good. I like that.

I just got my new Hot Little Therm, and am still just as happy as when I got the first. It’s just so durned cool. (For more info, see my blurb from yesterday.) And if you want to see the end-result of my Hot Little Therm project, check out QuesoTherm — it’s the server room temperature monitor project I mentioned yesterday.

Andrew Woolridge’s posting to Discuss.Userland.Com demonstrates the mindset that scares me about Netscape. He waxes poetic about the high standards that Netscape is shooting for on their 5.0 “offering”, when there are serious problems in their current browser that they’re unwilling to address. And his parting comment about being the only Linux browser feeds my perception of Netscape as a company that will answer your criticisms with comments of “at least we’re good at something else!”. I cannot wait for Opera to come out for Linux — then Dori will be right, Netscape will be irrelevant.

My beloved Spurs break their losing streak against Vancouver last night. Thank GOD, but it’s a little depressing to me that it took a 42-point game from Tim Duncan to beat the 4-15 Grizzlies; methinks that Avery Johnson was right when he said that the Spurs have yet to come down off of the ego-high of winning the NBA Championship last year.

From the Not-So-Cool-Unless-I-Were-The-One-Getting-It department: today, Palm Computing will receive the six millionth U.S. patent in a ceremony in Washington D.C.. (It’s for HotSync.)

I have always been convinced that there are certain classes of people who are destined to go straight to that hot place down below, sans the benefit of judgment — nun killers, church vandals, and now, women who steal stuffed animals and other momentos off of graves.

Years and years of therapy.

Something goes right in space (although it’s not the U.S., and it’s not a Mars program, so this isn’t all that fair a comment).

I know that I can’t be the only one who’s a little despondent over the silent little electronic critters that are sitting on the face of Mars right now (or perhaps the burnt shards of them?), desperately searching for home. I sure wish that we all could have heard the sounds coming out of the Mars Microphone… that would have been as cool as seeing the video from the Pathfinder mission.

So, three or four days ago, going to www.wired.com brought you to, well, www.wired.com. Then, going to www.wired.com brought you to wired.lycos.com. Now today, we’re back to www.wired.com. What gives?