Late start to the morning — company Christmas party was last night, and even though I didn’t drink all that much, I feel like I did. But now, my favorite radio program, Filet of Soul, is on WBGO, which is a good way to wake up on any day.

A little afternoon whining from a new EditThisPage.Com site about some web developers’ reactions (including mine) to Mozilla and Netscape. I didn’t feel like inundating all of you with my response if you don’t care about the issue, so you can read it here if you are so inclined.

So, the judges are at it again. Seriously, how can these people justify not letting the disclosure information out? It was intended for public consumption, and now that someone wants to help the public consume it, all of a sudden things have changed. My favorite bit of this article, about how the meeting was closed to the public and the press:

An reporter was instructed to wait in the enormous glass atrium separating the two halves of the office complex. Three hours later, a security supervisor informed the reporter that he was “loitering” and would have to leave the premises. “You have been observed by persons in this building standing here for several hours and that you are therefore loitering,” said the Admiral Security supervisor, who did not identify himself.

Patrick Naughton’s jury started deliberating yesterday. He’s claiming that his interest in the ostensibly-13-year-old girl was “purely fantasy, an escape from the stresses of [his] successful career.” Ick.

One of the coolest things on the Web: a real Magic 8 Ball, being shaken by a Lego MindStorm robot underneath a webcam. And I love his motto: “50,000 years of technological advancement has culminated in a system to bring you mysticism on demand.”

The hands-down mack daddy of all CSS resources. Brian Wilson is The Man.

Is it just me, or has the linking to epinions died down a lot? Not so long ago, it seemed like everyone and their mother was linking to their reviews on epinions; now, a nice calm break in the storm. Please tell me that things will stay this way…

Has anyone been able to get their hands on the Lucent WaveLAN Turbo wireless networking cards? The Silver card is what is inside of the Apple AirPort base station, but other than that, I have not been able to find any retailers or distributors who have stock yet on these. I also would love to hear from people who have gotten their hands on the ethernet bridge that’s part of this line. (mail me!)