One of the things that frequently amuses me is the holier-than-thou attitude that people adopt here and there, when it’s convenient to their current stage in life. Especially when it’s by people who regularly engage in that which they mock.

The Spurs lose to the 6 and 16 Washington Wizards, and they do so at home (which they had not done in 22 games). Oh, the embarassment, especially since my brother-in-law is a Wizards fan.

It seems wrong that our current domain name system cannot handle something like this.

These people are my heroes. It’s funny, every member of my family has become addicted to Law & Order on our own, without the help of each other. Strange.

American Beauty was named the best film of the year by the National Board of Review. (I don’t know who the NBR is, but I do agree with their choice!)

This is slightly funny, in an eerie sort of way. (I still like that damn chihuahua.)

The Oracle saga continues — after I left work on Friday, they called to tell me that the product that I ordered, and about which we had spoken about two dozen times, is out of stock. Shocking, but increasingly typical.

In light of my clear pro-CSS stance, a few people have asked me for pointers to good resources, either for learning CSS or to use as a reference. I’ve put a list together, and encourage others to add to it as they see fit. The more people we get using CSS, the more bugs will be worked out of the browsers, and the better sites will look.

I feel like there’s no way that I can support a company like eToys, who sued and got an injunction against a European group of performance artists who use Never mind that was registered a full two years before, or that they’re not even in the same business, or that eToys apparently asked to sell them their domain name and was turned down. Total children, and this is not an online neighbor that I’m happy to have around. (Wired has a good recap of events, as well.)

Seemingly good places to spend your toy money online: Noodle Kidoodle (I love their Manhattan stores), Zany Brainy, Toys To Grow On, and KB Toys.

For those of you familiar with New York City: this time of year is always a little more hectic, with the increased numbers of shoppers, tourists, and conventioneers. But I’m a little terrified of what will happen if the MTA decides to strike this week. Rudy has put together an interesting contingency plan if it does happen; let’s just hope it doesn’t get that far.