Does anyone have any good pointers to resources to make a computer more kid-friendly and kid-proof? (Things like command shells that minimize the effect of a three-year-old banging away on the keyboard, or hardware that’s more kid-friendly, like colorful keyboards.) Feel free to post in the discussion group, or mail me.

It seemed that Dave was “telling me off” somehow the other day, but now he and Charlie Wood, maker of Vignette, are doing the same thing that Jason Kersey and I were doing…

Today’s Suck is great. I’ve been waiting for a good parody of slashdot for a while.

Bob Young writes to tell us that Red Hat has reported its first quarterly income. “I was walking from my office to the confrence room when I found a 25-cent piece lying on the ground. Instead of putting it in my pocket, I added it to the company’s balance sheet and, well, I think that kind of revenue stream more than justifies our stock price.” And cynics said that “free” software couldn’t make money!

We’re starting a discussion about appropriate uses of CSS within Manila, for those who are interested; I encourage all who are to participate, since this could well shape the innards of the product that we all have grown to love!


Yay! I was beginning to think that the Shuttle would never fly again…

Since we’ve been on the subject of browsers, CNet News has an article about bugs in both major flavors today. (People tend to blame the MSIE bugs on the prevalence of ActiveX in the browser, but all of these bugs seem to be legit plain programming errors in the code of the browser itself.)

My friend yesterday passed on a link that I had totally forgotten about, but is still one of the funniest things on the web. The video isn’t HandiCam-quality, either — it’s movie quality, and quite well put-together.

The articles and commentaries that are coming out of the GOP campaign are great. Salon has a funny quiz meant for Bush today, in light of his answer to the now-famous what-book-are-you-reading New Hampshire debate question. Meanwhile, Barbara Bush’s comments seem to indicate that, so long as you work hard in college, a little cocaine is a just reward. And while I feel sorry for Alan Keyes’ seemingly impossible goal, this is funny.

I love The Onion. They can make me laugh almost on command.

The Non-Dithering Colors by Hue page could well be my second-most-used HTML development resource (with Index Dot HTML being the first).

An ugly chapter in New York City’s history comes to a close (except for Volpe, for whom it’s just beginning, in relative terms).

It seems that progress is being made in the NYC MTA strike negotiations. (Also, a CNN article raises an issue that I didn’t know about — the fact that there’s a law, the Taylor Law, that could lead to pretty big punishments of striking union members. Interesting; I’d love to know more about it.)