Quick hello from the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport… I think that it’s tremendously cool that I can just plop down, plug my laptop into a phone jack on a payphone, dial an 800 number, and be on the ‘net. The interview at Rainbow Babies & Children’s went well, and all of the people seem to be very happy there.

Huh? I mean, I didn’t have access to all the information or evidence, so I can’t really comment on the no-verdict part. I just hope that the jury didn’t buy into his argument that his dirty talk and planned triste with the ostesible 13-year old was due to the high stress of his Internet job.

Darn it all, the Shuttle launch has been delayed again.

Darwin was right — there is a natural selection that works against idiots. Did he really think that issuing a death threat under an assumed name on the Web was an undefeatable disguise? Of course, then there’s this guy who used a harmless baby python in a holdup

CamWorld’s new design is quite nice, and I like the little light popping out of the box on his banner.