Ah, back on the ground in NYC. The plane flew north up the Hudson River from the Bay, and I was on the right side — so I got an awesome view of the whole city. I love when things work out just right.

The friend that I mentioned a few days ago (the one who passed on the link to the young George Lucas movie) made me feel guilty for not identifying him — he’s Phil Jache, and he works with me. (I was actually waiting for him to set up his own ETP site and then ID him by pointing to it, but it looks like he’s too lazy, busy, or both.)

The tree-freak returns to Earth. I’m really glad that she was able to save her single tree (plus a buffer zone, apparently).

shuttle shadow

Will the Shuttle get off the ground tomorrow, at least? I hope so… the space program is having enough trouble already, and the Hubble deserves to be fixed.

Woo hoo! NBC is filling the Friday night, 10 PM EST time slot with Law & Order episodes. Awesome.

Beth is in rare form today:

I would like to live out the rest of my life without having to look at Jennifer Love Hewitt, especially if she’s going to dress like this. And get that simpering look off your little underfed rat face, you twit.

In a bit of twisted irony, Boy George was almost killed by a huge falling disco ball.

Apparently, Roger Ebert doesn’t like digital projection. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see Phantom Menace or any of the current animated releases digitally; I really want to figure out when one of them is coming to NYC.

From the dotcom law front: a former Playboy Playmate is allowed to call herself a Playmate, and etoy.com gains supporters in its fight against the evil eToys.

So, I wrote a web page three weeks ago, and created a new email address specifically for inquiries about that page. Yesterday, I got spammed by AOL — an ad for AOL Instant Messenger, with the statement at the bottom: “You have received this e-mail based on your interest in the products offered by America Online, Inc.” I hate that crappy company. Does anyone know a phone number to AOL customer support? (mail me)