Slept in late this morning, and wow did I need the rest.

If you run a website, you may see a few requests for a file at the root level of your website named robots.txt. These are just well-behaved webcrawlers; the Robot Exclusion Protocol is a way to keep them from getting into parts or all of your website to index them.

A quick Frontier How-To today: Frontier and the Robot Exclusion Protocol. (I don’t know if you noticed, but as I discover or figure out how to do a new thing in Frontier, I’m documenting it, so that I don’t have to relearn it down the road.)

Today, there was a surprise network probe of my other employer; we caught the entire thing in our logs, and I have written up my sketchy dealings with the ISP that hosted the probe.

Here’s an awesome fake memo to Microsoft Office users, ostensibly set after Microsoft loses their antitrust lawsuit. The memo is from the FBIT — the “Federal Bureau of Information Technology.” Genius.

OK, I really had to put this up here — the first MRI images of sexual intercourse. The full British Medical Journal article is here.

Apparently, evil eToys is holding up under what are potentially major denial of service attacks. (The question is, will their specious argument about hold up in court?)

It’s true, you can slap a “Millennium” label on anything and market it.

Regarding the huge LA Times controversy surrounding their publication of a Staples Arena “editorial supplement” for which they split ad revenues with Staples Arena: the easiest way to avoid further embroiling people is to publish a painfully long, convoluted report on the matter. I can’t imagine that anyone would read all of this; if there’s a hard conclusion buried in there, nobody will find it.

Because it wouldn’t be a day on Q without Shuttle links: one of the most beautiful pictures of a Shuttle launch I’ve ever seen, astronaut John Grunsfeld is keeping a daily web journal on the mission, and Florida Space Today is keeping a weblog of the mission.

Maybe this explains part of the reason why some kids are terrified of clowns.