A couple of neat e-card websites that I’ve come across over the past couple of months: Corbis has some beautiful photography, and great presentation; Andreas Lindkvist has some awesome ones that he drew himself; and 123 Greetings has standard fare, much like Blue Mountain.

John Rocker, relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, appears to be a pretty huge idiot, not to mention a racist, homophobic, xenophobic waste of precious oxygen. (Of course, now that he’s had time to think about it, he regrets the remarks.)

Today, they’re starting to work on Hubble — I didn’t realize that they had cancelled one of the spacewalks, leaving them with just three to get all of the repairs fixed. John Grunsfeld’s daily journal is about the launch:

At two minutes the solid rockets depart, everyone on board breathes a sigh of relief and we start to accelerate on up to orbit. The ride on the main engines is smooth, more like an electric train than the bucking bronco of the solids. Discovery performed flawlessly, without even a burp to put us on edge. Nearing the main engine cutoff, the acceleration is three times gravity, meaning I had the effect of a 600-pound gorilla standing on my chest. Breathing at this acceleration takes some effort.

The Onion’s tips for the new millennium: “Develop the ability to convert sunlight into energy using the chlorophyll in your body.”

Something that’s somewhat troubling to me — the FCC is about to approve Bell Atlantic’s move into long distance. It’s a pretty universal feeling in this city that BA can’t even handle basic local service; dealing with them is more of a hassle than I care to talk about. So letting them expand their service? Doesn’t seem right.

Today, Dan Hartung linked to Faq-O-Matic, a CGI package that lets website admins create and maintain a FAQ on the web. I thought that this was cool for about 0.9 seconds, when it hit me — I’ve got something much cooler, Manila!

Seeing as the pictures were of real teens, Patrick Naughon’s appeal fails. But wait! I, and the judge, were wrong; Naughton is now free… hmmmmmm.

Despite a triple-double from Jason Kidd, the Spurs win an overtime squeaker against Phoenix.