We’re now telecom-enabled at the SuperDome — we got a nice new Cisco 3600 router, and have a bunch of ISDN lines breathing life into us. Happy happy joy joy.

Places that I’ve eaten so far in New Orleans, every one of which I recommend highly: Copeland’s (had the shrimp etoufee once, and the shrimp and tasso pasta another time), Casamento’s (had the fried shrimp loaf), and Mother’s (had the shrimp po’boy). We’re going to Emeril’s for New Year’s Eve, and Commander’s Palace for New Year’s Day — this is a gustatory trip, indeed.

Aviation Week’s top space photos of 1999 (not that I’m addicted to spaceflight or anything).

It worries me that there are any doctors who would make a different decision about when to deliver a child based the change into the year 2000. Sigh.

The celebrity treatment given to Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs (since I refuse to call a grown man “Puffy”) by the press is ridiculous. My favorite quote: “The 29-year-old actress and singer endured a 14-hour ordeal during which she was handcuffed to a bench in a midtown precinct and locked alone in a cell and fingerprinted, police sources said.” If I were taken into custody exactly like this, would it be called an “ordeal” by the newspapers? No, since this is just how the system works. But for a pretty-girl celeb like Lopez, this is just tragic.

CNN has a great recap of the top 10 health-related news stories of 1999, as determined by Health Magazine. They also have links to the CNN stories about each.

I really don’t like the slant of this news story. The headline could just as easily read “Steam fitters community scores coup in Hotmail outage” or “Asian male community scores coup in Hotmail outage”, or, more appropriately, “Nice guy helps Microsoft when they messed up.” just had to make this a Linux-and-Microsoft-together story.

Very strange — ostensible millionaires abandon child with cerebral palsy at hospital. There’s definitely more that we’ll all learn as this plays out.