Well, the new year has rung in, and it doesn’t look like a thing happened. Awesome. (Well, some minor inconveniences may have occurred, but…)

The blank calendar in Manila (to the right of this paragraph) looks damn cool. Of course, it will only be blank today…

Phil took along his spiffy Contax G2 to dinner last night, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

So, we ate at Emeril’s last night, and from memory, here’s the menu: first, a French oyster with melon sherbert, a lobster cocktail salad, an enormous prawn marinated in something lemony, and Beluga caviar; then, a sea scallop wrapped in dover sole and drenched in a lobster roe sauce; then, a challah french toast with squash flan (laced with pumpkin seed oil) and foie gras, surrounded by caramelized cocktail onions; then, a stuffed breast of pheasant in a wine reduction; then, a mixed grill of venison, wild boar, and magret duck served on a hot rock (literally) with roasted vegetables; then, a cheese plate; and last, a mix of cookies, chocolate, and mousse. Each course came with a different bottle of wine, all of which were amazing. There was a three-piece jazz ensemble playing terrific music, and the whole night was fantastically memorable. (And, we weren’t in Times Square!) Emeril didn’t make an appearance, though…

I said it last week and I’ll say it again now — it’s not right to augment the normal process of birth just because the friggin year is changing.

Thank goodness that Rudy built his special command bunker for the Y2K changeover.

Slate has a very strange article disputing Time Magazine’s choice of Albert Einstein as Person of the Century. The article seems to want to construct a controversy where there was none, and the justifications are just odd to me.