fireworks in france

The French fireworks on New Year’s Eve were, by far, my favorite — the Eiffel Tower was just awesome.

Charles Schultz’s last daily Peanuts strip will appear in newspapers tomorrow; his last Sunday strip will appear in papers February 13th. :(

Here’s a Peanuts quiz, a site of get-well cards to “Sparky” Schultz, and the Peanuts theme (I’m pretty sure that anyone would recognize this by ear, which is an amazing thing).

I know, we’re all sick of predictions for the next however-long-you-want, but the New York Times has a good list of predicted topics in Internet law for the next year. (As an aside, I don’t like linking to the NYT, since you need to register to view the site, and the pages end up in an archive that you have to pay in order to look at. Bleah.)

hepburn, not hewitt

Ohmygawd — everyone’s favorite little insipid teenybopper, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is going to play Audrey Hepburn in an upcoming ABC movie. I just don’t see it — Audrey Hepburn was one of the most beautiful, talented, and graceful actresses of her time. Hewitt ain’t got nuthin’ on her. (Angered fans of Hepburn have set up a website opposing the decision.)

An interesting MSNBC piece about a Zulu (who are naturally disgusted with seafood) becoming a sushi chef. Interestingly, some Japanese don’t like black sushi chefs… the world still has a ways to go.

The baby that Rae Carruth didn’t want was released from the hospital yesterday. I feel really terrible for this child; mom dead, dad probably going to jail for a long, long, long time — it will be really tough for him.

Great, so now the house from the most overhyped and underwhelming movie of 1999 will be saved. Can’t wait to see what the unidentified party will do with the house…