A reminder — if you run your own Manila server, use relative URLs in your links (as I recommend in my portability primer), and provide syndication via Manila’s built-in XML capabilities, you probably want to fix a bug in how the XML is generated (or how it’s processed by aggregators like My.Userland).

diana krall

Diana Krall, a sultry jazz temptress, has been given a nod by the Grammys for best album of the year, for When I Look In Your Eyes. Apparently, this is the first jazz album ever in this category. She’s awesome, and if you haven’t heard her, it’s about time. She has another album, All for You, that’s a dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio and is one of my regular Discman inhabitants.

Hello to Leos Kral! (Confirmedly no relation to Diana Krall…) He’s trying to recruit knowledgable Frontier people who have an interest in seeing a pretty neat-looking web-based study guide grow atop Frontier as a platform.

OK, so now I officially crave the HandSpring Visor. I wonder how much this wireless networking option will cost. I can see this as a viable option for making handhelds a great component of a hospital information system.

Gloria Steinem wants the Queens District Attorney to prosecute crimes outside of the United States (much less outside of Queens). Maybe expending energy on getting laws passed that would make this a crime would be a better choice.

This is funny: chuckmail, which is ostensibly the fastest mail transport agent for any computer — because it just chucks all of the mail that it receives into the bitbucket.

Finally, some NYC restaurants and bars are banning or limiting cell phone use. (I can’t tell you how many dinners I have had where people nearby spend their entire time inside the restaurant on their cell phone, frequently with other people at the table with them.)

Here’s an interesting little bit on kissing instructions from Sarah Michelle Gellar (TV’s Buffy). (I wish that they’d use named links so that I could point you right to the piece; instead, it’s the fifth bit on the page.)

Disney’s CEO, Michal Eisner, didn’t get a bonus last year. I hope that his $764,423 salary is enough to live on…