There’s now a fix for relative image src attributes and your Manila-generated XML. The issue is the same as that with relative links and Manila; the fix is similar.

Why didn’t I know about this before? NPR has chosen the 100 most important musical works of the 20th century. An impressive list — Aaron Copeland, James Taylor, Muddy Waters, Paul Simon, Charlie Parker….

My small gripe about the open-source thing is that when you discover a problem, there’s nobody who is guaranteed to work on it. I’m running samba on my Linux box, and we discovered a relatively big bug in how it works in a specific network configuration. I’ve posted the bug to the two places that the samba folks tell me to, and have received no replies, acknowledgements, or anything. I know, I have paid nothing for it and should expect nothing in return — so to me, that means that I can’t even begin to consider samba for an enterprise solution to anything. No support = no deployment.

Someone pointed me yesterday to rivertrout, a collection of letters (yep, actual letters!) written by ordinary people on everyday subjects like fear, love, death… the things that letters used to be written about all the time, but now email has supplanted. I ended up spending way more time than I thought I would on the site.

Another beautiful site (it turns out that both rivertrout and this are on the Project Cool Best of 1999 list): first nine months. It’s heavy in its use of Flash, but just amazingly done, and there’s no way that I’m not going to pass this on to my expectant patients.

This year’s collection of kooky quotes by the far-right. It scares me that an elected official in this country said “Homosexuality is a high sign of the downfall of the nation. There is no joy in life without taking on the responsibility of a wife and children.” (Which is the way to Canada?)

On the other hand, last night’s Dem debate between Gore & Bradley seems to have had some real spunk. Gays in the military, Clinton’s behavior, political leadership, finance — they actually debated real issues. My favorite, though, was Gore, in response to Bradley feeling a little piqued by his attacks, saying: “I’m not giving him hell, I’m telling the truth, and he thinks its hell.”