Update on the samba support gripe from yesterday: I found a commercial support provider, and they did a very good job.

Speaking of samba, there’s a new samba Kernel Cousin out today.

I didn’t know that David Theige has an ETP site, but now I do, thanks to my referrer log. I’ve been reading MedEd News, his other site, for a while now (as has my mom, I recently learned!).

(Speaking of the referrer log, I have one more round of cleaning-up-and-making-more-universally-applicable work to do on it, and then I’m going to release it to all y’all who seem to like it.)

Ummmm… is it just me, or is there some actual proof that this kid used a school computer? If they press anything as silly as criminal charges, I’d bet anything that the ACLU will (rightly) get involved.

Ack! There goes my budding astronaut career. From the New Scientist’s alcohol page:

Astronauts aren’t allowed to drink carbonated drinks in orbit, because the body relies on gravity to burp excess gas. No beer is one of the many sacrifices one must make for space exploration.

I found a really good resource for CGIs and webserver scripts a little while back; I was searching for traceroute and ping scripts that could run on NT, and they had just what I needed.

If I had only known about this (and lived in California or Oregon!)…

Steven Hawking may well be the most interesting man on Earth. His ability to get beyond his disability is amazing to me.

Dubya may not have learned from his father; he is now pledging to cut taxes. (He even clarified during the debate that this was more than a “no new taxes” pledge.) My favorite part, though, was the highly-intellectual “No, it doesn’t,” “Yes, it does,” “No, it doesn’t” exchange on the budget surplus between McCain & Bush.

Some of the current and former heads of the U.S. military are dismayed about Gore & Bradley saying that their appointees will have to accept gays in the military. This disgusts me — nobody would question that a flagrant racist shouldn’t be allowed to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but when it comes to homosexuals, we get quotes like “It has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of gays in the military, [and] everything to do with how a commander in chief goes about getting the best officers in the land.” This mentality is used to rationalize homophobia and discrimination, and it’s embarassing that our country allows that.


Referrer - yes please!

I’m trying to work out a logging app, it’s getting me crazy.

• Posted by: Robert Brook on Jan 7, 2000, 1:42 PM

Hey Robert!

How so? I’ve already done up a little page that shows you today’s log — by going to the flat URL, you get this hour’s information, and at the top and bottom, you have links to all of the other available hours in today’s log. It’s a slightly fancified version of the HTTP log in the control panel; it shows you the referrer URL, and omits some of the info that’s on the control panel HTTP log (like time the page took to load, or how large the page is).

I’d be happy to share that one when I get home tonight; the way that I have it set up right now, I have a second website running on my Frontier box with HTTP authentication, and it’s running on this site.

Frankly, I’d love to release it as a plug-in to the control panel, but I can’t seem to grok how I would do that. There’s this page, but now I need to learn about prefs.root formats, and whether something that isn’t a preference-setting thing can live there.


• Posted by: Jason Levine on Jan 7, 2000, 1:50 PM
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