Why is it that only good people get horrible diseases? Marge Schott, Strom Thurmond, David Duke — they’re all going to live long lives.

NEW RELEASE: You can now set up your very own referrers page for your Manila website! The script that I use, as well as instructions on how to set it up, can be found here.

Another excellent movie I saw over the weekend was Run Lola Run (Lola rennt in its original German). It’s a smart movie, with a great plot device that makes it original and worth seeing. It also exploits the DVD thing well — the dialogue is originally in German, so you can either subtitle it in English (my preference) or listen to it in English overdub. Cool.

Online commerce scare stories like this leave a bad taste in my mouth. Getting a slew of credit card numbers illicitly online is only as easy as the people who are charged with implementing security on commerce sites allow it to be, just the same as if we were talking about brick-and-mortar stores. And if the restaurant waiter that I hand my credit card to wants to copy down mine and everyone else’s numbers, that would be easy, too.

There’s more childish egotism tearing through the samba-ntdom list over the past two days. This time, it’s related to a samba misconfiguration that can result in a Windows NT primary domain controller losing control of its domain; the common comments by people on the list are smallminded things like that Windows users don’t know what a daemon is, that Windows users are too stupid to know what a smb.conf file is, and that they deserve to have their samba servers taken away from them (those last two are too new to the list to have hyperlinkable archive versions).

Come on… admit that this isn’t a just a little awesome.

Eeeeewww, this is a guy who likes his job, a lot.