REFERRER LOG UPDATE: For those of you who already checked out the Referrer Log release page, I forgot to include a critical part in the installation instructions about editing two site-specific things in the script. Check out the page now; the addition is there, and I apologize for the oversight.

Great — now Wired has a Lycos portal bar across the top, so that more of my screen real estate is gone.

I’m in Dallas now, and I just have to say that Taco Cabana is heaven. I grew up in San Antonio, and moving to New York meant no more great Tex-Mex fast food; going to TC made me very happy today.

Saw Magnolia today with my sister — it’s a surreal, mind-racing, intriguing, surprising, and all in all very worth it movie. I’ve been thinking about it tons since I left the theater, and I’m willing to bet that I keep thinking about it for the next month or so; it’s that kind of movie. There are lots and lots of little connections, references, and quirky things that just won’t let go of me. (There’s no question that I’ll be buying it on DVD.)

Just the other day, I was trying to convince a friend that there’s part of Manhattan that isn’t on the physical island of Manhattan — and then today, I find a site about it. Coooool.

Also, I found a great site that seems to be pretty definitive on New York City’s Upper West Side (my ‘hood). My favorites are this panorama of the Riverside Park shoreline and the block-by-block guides, like this one for my range of streets — if you click on the blocks, some of them actually have images of the entire block storefront. Awesome!

Hey, look — the rest of the civilized world has tolerant policies for their militaries. (I really have no idea why this one issue just angers me to no end.)