Finally, the traveling is over for a while….

It’s snowing here in NYC! Big, fluffy, swirling snow. I love it.

An interesting Washington court ruling — it’s legal to record (capture) chat session transcripts. A guy who was caught trying to set up sex with a minor objected to the use of the chat transcripts in court, saying that, like telephone conversations, the sessions couldn’t be legally recorded without his knowledge and consent; the court disagreed.

Wow… this month’s Southern Medical Journal has an article on supernumerary breast tissue, including pictures of a 74 year old guy with a fully-formed breast growing on the back of his thigh. (Warning — the article’s a PDF.)

Looks like DIVX is back, but without the big brother worries. I bet this fails, though; it’s hard for me to imagine that this technical workaround is any more cost-effective than just setting up a shop to rent actual DVDs.

Do you remember last year, when the in-development U.S. missile defense system impressively destroyed a dummy target? Well, it turns out that it was sheer accident that it hit the target — a decoy balloon that it locked onto drifted near the target.


I am glad you are back, missed q


• Posted by: Phil on Jan 20, 2000, 6:01 PM
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