A slightly new look for Q today… nothing radical. I feel like playing with the look more, though, so don’t be surprised if you see some tinkering goin’ on.

I missed this thread, given that I’ve almost stopped reading Discuss; it’s a remarkable policy, from a notorious whiner. I noticed Dave branding a lot of people whiners lately; quite honestly, each time, I’ve felt that the person he’s branding wasn’t whining, it was just Dave’s way of not having to argue the point that was being made. But whatever.

I finally got my copy of Windows 2000 today! I bought a new machine specifically for it — a real screamer. And we have success! The setup process recognized everything on my machine but my Creative Dxr2 DVD decoder card (which I had to manually install). Now I have DVDs playing without a problem; the only software that did have a problem was WinFax 9.0 (TalkWorks Pro), and here’s my solution.

I’m not the only one who believes that “Your Mom” jokes never go out of style.

Patrick Naughton’s conviction has officially been overturned by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Peter Collier of Salon weighs in on John Rocker, the Atlanta Brave who decided to spout intolerance of every variety to a Sports Illustrated reporter. Collier’s tagline is that Rocker isn’t a racist; his entire article, though, mainly contends that his punishment was draconian, but really can’t convince me that he’s not racist. One does not say things like Rocker said jokingly; saying them to a reporter just adds weight to them. And Collier’s own comments — “his picture of the demographics on the No. 7 train, some have claimed, is not far off” — smack of having some major issues as well.

Meanwhile, some things I never knew came out of the Rocker flap: Twisted Sister has asked Rocker to stop using a song of theirs to introduce himself at games; black Dominican teammate Randall Simon says that he’s the “fat monkey” that Rocker was talking about, and is not amused by the comment; Hank Aaron, a man who had to endure terrible racism during his playing days, was sickened when he read the SI article.