Woke up this morning with no heat or hot water — and since it’s 21 degrees out now, that can’t be good.

NEW FEATURE: we’re now searchable! I set up the integrated search engine today… it’s more difficult than I thought it would be to get it to index everything that was already here.

Apache 1.3.11 has been released, but can anyone find a document that describes the changes? All I’ve found is this one, but it’s only current through 1.3.9.


If you’ve got a lot of extra money, this could be coooooool. (I love the Pets.com commercials, and now I’m eagerly anticipating the Super Bowl one that they’re talking about.)

I’m slowly going to be linking to pages about Windows 2000 that I run across; for this morning, here’s how Win2K determines ACPI compatibility, and this explains that only Win2K Pro supports APM.

One thing that does not disturb me about Dubya is that he was not at this rally. The concept that Forbes, Bauer, and Keyes were proud to be at a rally described as punctuated with “prayers and jeremiads against the evils of homosexuality” is disgusting. And, note to Bauer, who said “When I am elected president, abortion is going to end not in 50 years, not in 40 years, but immediately”: I’d be worried out this if I thought you had more of a chance of being elected than a sea slug. Go away, intolerant-boy.

And still on politics, I feel bad for Bill Bradley that his heart condition is probably going to affect his electability. As a medical person, I know that his condition is benign and totally unrelated to his ability to do a good job were he elected to President, but then again, this country probably wouldn’t have elected FDR if everyone knew he was in a wheelchair.