If you really liked yesterday’s triple-exposure image of the recent lunar eclipse, the photographer, Stephen Barnes, is selling copies.

Today, I did a search on AltaVista for pages that link to my company home page (http://www.queso.com/), and came up with some guy who put my page on his list of “Weird, Strange, and Kooky URLs”. I guess I’m… flattered.

Something else I noticed on AltaVista (or, should I say, have noticed for a while now on all of the major search engines) is the absolute silliness that they engage in by putting your search string into prepackaged ads, like “Find Amazon books on Pamela Anderson nude tattoo”. Here’s today’s (which AltaVista could definitely prevent from displaying, seeing as it uses a custom extension to their search engine as a prefix, which they could filter):

altavista silliness

Jean McGrath, state representative in Arizona, has proposed restricting Internet access on public universities to “educational purposes” and mandating filtering software. This is the same woman who has offered up legislation banning opposite-sex visitors in any dormitory rooms, too… wow.

Ack — McPaper is reporting that apparently, DoubleClick is now actively identifying ad viewers by name, address, and phone number, and passing that information on to advertisers.

For those who saw Being John Malkovich, someone has set up a “mediator” web site that’s pretty funny.

eToys has finally dropped the lawsuit against etoy.com, for real this time. (Maybe this has something to do with it.)