Our processors are up and running here in Atlanta, so hopefully, we’ll have pictures galore today…

…and we do! There are two sets of pictures up now — our workspace and environs, and our kickin’ rental car. Now, I need to get pictures of us in front of the huge CNN logo at the CNN Center, and in the Dome.

This week’s Onion “What Do You Think?” is on the Confederate flag & South Carolina.

Interesting — the $500 check that Microsoft paid Michael Chaney for reregistering the domain name auctioned off today for $7,100. Chaney is donating the money to charity; the winner, John Corrigan, is going to reauction the check, again for charity.

Apparently, New York firefighters can’t deal with fictional representations of themselves.

APBNews has a site up with the rap sheets of the Super Bowl players who have had run-ins with the law. I don’t know if the number of people represented is high or not; I do know that if I had done what Leonard Little has, I would certainly be in prison right now.

Awesome — in their haste to try to keep the code to DeCSS secret, DVD industry lawyers publicized it in their court filings. (For now, the declaration is available here and here.)