Icy day in Atlanta, but it looks like the storm has pretty much missed us. One thing I’ve (re)learned in all this is that weather forecasting is as much voodoo as it is anything else.

More fun with websearches: today I found “The Jason Levine Collection”, which appears to be an alternate me selling his entire Mad Magazine collection. (He should learn how to use Levels, or at a minimum, the contrast settings, in Photoshop.) There’s also a testimonial about a search engine submission service, a lost classmate of Lynbrook High School, a newly-engaged web designer in California, a guest bass player with the Jumping Buddha Ensemble, and a pediatric endosurgeon, none of whom are me.

Salon has a detailed look at the flap over APBNews.com and the judges’ financial disclosure forms. I think that this would have been a total non-issue if the forms had been posted by APBNews.com; now that the judges have blocked their release, though, it became an issue that they will probably regret having started.

This is an interesting development in web commerce — customer service agents who offer real-time help even without being asked. This will probably appeal to a number of people; for me, though, when you combine the fact that I shop on the web to be able to browse unhindered with the fact that I, as most New Yorkers, don’t like salespeople who hover, this isn’t all that attractive.

I tried to opt-out of my DoubleClick cookie today, but when I tried to click on the page that actually does the opting-out, I got “HTTP Error 401.3 Unauthorized: Unauthorized due to ACL on resource”. Great, these are the people who are going to be compiling oodles of information on everyone, and they can’t keep their webservers running correctly.