Back in NYC today, returning to the swing of med school and dealing with a strange Windows 2000 problem where my two machines cannot see each other on the network (but can see every other non-Win2K machine, and all the non-Win2K machines can see them).

Interesting — the problem was a subnet mask on an alternate IP address of one network card on my subnet. It’s fixed now. (Whoops! Spoke too soon. It’s now intermittent, but mostly NOT working. I have NO clue on this one; neither do the MS techs that I’m working with.)

Jason Kottke asked a question today that has actually kept me awake at night — “When you look at yourself in a mirror, everything is reversed from left to right and from right to left. Why aren’t you upside down as well?” To me, it’s sorta like “If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?”

Sean Elliott receives the final OK to practice with the San Antonio Spurs. If he makes this comeback, I will be the happiest man alive — what a major milestone.

MSNBC reports on something that should be pretty evident — oral sex, in and of itself, isn’t safe sex.

Excellent diatribe on Lotus Domino today over at Qube Quorner. A good summary tagline: “Who doesn’t like Domino? Anyone who has to use it every day, whether they be a busy sysadmin or a busy user.”

The Center for Democracy & Technology has put together a page that helps you not only opt-out of DoubleClick’s profiling, but also mail the largest DoubleClick affiliates and the CEO of DoubleClick letting them know that their behavior is unacceptable.

Yay! A bug in Frontier 6.1’s search engine routines has been fixed. This bug didn’t cause me any problems, really, but when I had other problems, the errors that it kicked out did make things hard to figure out.

Another active NFL player has been charged with murder. Finally, the NFL gets a great Super Bowl, and on the same night, gets this black eye…

ZDNet has an interesting story about scams run through X.Com and WingSpan, two online banks. Apparently, you could open an account with either and transfer money into it using just the routing code printed at the bottom of a check — and they didn’t have any checks in place to make sure it was your check. Who is in charge of security at places like that?