my iron giant

I moved back into my office today, and first on the list of things to do was set up my 20-inch-tall motorized Iron Giant robot, complete with magnetic Hogarth to hang out on his shoulder and activate him. For a few days, the QuesoCam will feature the big guy… catch him while you can!

I have to say, I pretty much agree that eBay should pull KKK items down from auction. There’s a social responsibility here, and eBay has always been of the mindset that they don’t have to allow everything to be auctioned; seeing this being auctioned (and apparently, at one point it was in the “Black Americana” category, as were other Klan items from the same seller), or this, this, this, or this and this (which the seller suggests you should continue to wear!) just nauseates me. Quite honestly, let racist swine start their own auction site.

Yesterday, I pointed to Jason Kottke asking why up and down aren’t flipped in a mirror, since left and right are; today, Andre relates a Richard Feynman answer. The web is a wonderful place.

From the annals of websites that scare me: A Woman’s Guide on How to Pee Standing Up.

Apparently, you better visit New Orleans soon, because it won’t be there for long.

The Senate has acted to prevent bankruptcy determinations from freeing people of debts owed due to court judgments against them. This makes a great deal of sense to me — an abortion protester shouldn’t be able to claim that he can’t be held financially responsible for court judgments because he has a lot of debt due to other court judgments. (I admit, though, that I’m not 100% positive that I understand everything that this article is talking about; I feel that I need a little more background.)

My Windows 2000 machines at home still don’t want to play nice with each other, and it’s come to Microsoft tech support setting up an entire network which duplicates ours in order to try to figure out what’s going on. Something’s amiss; we think that it’s related to NetBIOS scope IDs, which we use in places on our network. More later.

In this article, I don’t understand the statement “Under an agreement worked out with the prosecution, she expressed remorse for the attack and was released without punishment or a criminal record.” Let me get this straight — they were prosecuting a supermodel for assaulting an assistant, and managed to squeak out a deal where she admitted she did it in return for no punishment at all?