hubble carina nebula image

Another cool image from the Hubble Space Telescope, but this one’s not from the newly-refurbished equipment, but rather a composite of four April 1999 images. It’s of the Keyhole Nebula, and it’s just plain coooooooool.

An interesting article on why people stay with AOL, instead of switching to a less-expensive ISP with unengineered web access. (It also mentions EarthLink’s new ad campaign that took me a while to understand — the big orange billboards with opposing email addresses, like “” and “”.)

I always suspected as much, but now research shows that anesthetized surgery patients remember things said during their operations. I hate to think about the effects of some of the things that surgeons said during operations when I was doing my surgery and subspecialty clerkships…

Also on the medical front, a controversy is brewing in Britain and Scotland over two men who asked for healthy limbs to be amputated, and had it done. They both suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a psychiatric disorder where they obsess over perceived imperfections in their bodies.

I read The Onion regularly, but something I’ve neglected is The Landover Baptist Church, a hilarious spoof of evangelical religion that plays like The Onion a lot of the time. This week: Charitable Baptists Donate Hazardous Waste To The Poor As Tax Year Draws To A Close. (The guestbook is awesome as well — tons of people who clearly either don’t understand that the site is a parody, or are horribly offended that it’s a parody of religion. For a good laugh, see Jessica’s entry on January 22, 2000.)

Lots of new discoveries in the dinosaur artifact world — the Rio Negro Giant (estimated to be 160 feet long and 45 feet tall), and a 100 to 130 foot long sauropod from 32 million years after paleontologists thought that they had gone extinct. (The latter was found in Texas; as a kid, we would always take field trips to streams and parks with huge dinosaur prints and other remnants, and I couldn’t believe how huge these things had been.)