Today ends my visits to pediatrics residency programs for interviews or second-looks; I now have no excuse for not putting together my rank list and turning it in to the National Residency Match Program. (It’s due February 16th.)

Having spent the last two months in airplanes, I could not be happier with this.

In the Something-You-Don’t-See-On-TV-Often department: in the swimsuit competition of the Miss USA pageant, you could clearly tell that Miss Iowa had two supernumerary nipples. Freaky to see on national television.

Dubya speaks at a school that has banned interracial dating. I’m sorry, I’ve just got to say it — what a pig. (Of course, Steve Forbes and Alan Keyes are both scheduled to speak there, as well — but I feel the same way about them.)

Why would a black man (Keyes) speak at a university that banned black admissions, then banned admission of unmarried black people, then (under court order) let in unmarried black people but banned interracial relationships, and took their right to remain a tax-exempt organization (under religious pretenses) all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court? (They lost, by the way.)

And it turns out the Bushism of the Week is a regular feature on Slate! This week’s:

This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation. It’s what you do when you run for president. You gotta preserve.

And from two weeks ago (I couldn’t resist):

The administration I’ll bring is a group of men and women who are focused on what’s best for America, honest men and women, decent men and women, women who will see service to our country as a great privilege and who will not stain the house.

Pure genius: the Budweiser “Wazzup” commercial, but done with the Superfriends. (If you haven’t seen the Wazzup commercial, there’s an abbreviated version here.)

AdCritic is awesome — your favorite commercials, as QuickTime movies. Some of my present faves: EDS and the cat herders, Ruffles and Mark Messier, Adidas and the El Duque, Mountain Dew and the bad cheetah, BMW and cliff diving, and a relative oldie, Kahkis Swing.

One more AdCritic link — a Volkswagon commercial, with a friend of mine from college. (She’s the one driving the car, expertly applying the anti-lock brakes.)