Kurt Vonnegut is slowly recovering.

Ask for DOJ involvement in the computer industry, and ye shall receive.

I wonder if Dave has given his employees digital cameras. I should visit all their Manila sites and see — I’ve worked with some of them enough that it’s probably time to know what they look like!

Today, I received an email from a friend with what she said was the first great quote of the Millennium: Monica Lewinsky, ostensibly on Larry King Live, talking about her Jenny Craig diet, saying “I’ve learned not to put things in my mouth that are bad for me.” The problem is, I then went looking for the transcript from that show, and she never said that.

Miramax disinvited over 80 Internet movie reviewers from screenings of Scream 3, fearing that an Internet reviewer would be more likely to give away the ending. What, that the whole series is overrated? (Besides, the Internet reviewers feed what seems to me to be the exact target audience of the movie — young, media-savvy, slightly addictible, and with enough money to see the movie.)

This week, the enormous ISP Verio tried to trademark the term whois, and failed. Makes me think twice about ever doing business with them; then again, after my experience with their crack security team, I wasn’t really ever going to use their services.

The Supreme Court granted a stay in an Alabama execution last night. When was the last time they did that?