The people who hijacked an Afghan airplane have probably made a big mistake — this isn’t going to be like the end of the hijacking last month in Afghanistan. They’re in England now; they aren’t going to be allowed to take back off, and they definitely aren’t going to be allowed to drive away scot-free.

A few days back, I pointed to The John Malkovich Mediator. Yesterday, I decided to write my own mediator. (What is a mediator, you ask? Here’s a good answer, with examples of some.) My mediator just sits between a user and a webserver, and returns the website to the user essentially intact. I’ll release the code for it relatively soon; there are bugs to be worked out first.

A must-see, if only to wonder if it’s real or not: the Vulvabed. In particular, check out the letter from a satisfied customer.

ICK…. a woman has apparently been killed at my alma mater, and the person who they think did it, allegedly her boyfriend, killed himself by jumping in front of a subway a few hours later. My sister lived in the dorm in which this all happened. ICK.

For those of you who are Frontier programmers: I’m having a problem with tcp.httpClient, and would appreciate any light you could shed on it…

Never mind! It turns out that two sites that I was contacting don’t generate valid HTTP — they put newlines only between the lines of the HTTP response, rather than carriage return/newline combinations, which are required by spec (see chapter 6). I hate that webbrowsers just gloss over invalid HTTP, not even alerting you that something’s not right.