all the go logos

At Least the Disney Lawyers Can’t Win Everything: Disney has been prohibited from using their green traffic light logo, since it’s too similar to the logo of GoTo.Com. The decision points out a plethora of sleazy things Disney argued to try to prevent this.

Two more legal items:

  • Why does the Orange County Unified School District want to prevent a gay-straight alliance school group from meeting? I didn’t realize that this degree of intolerance existed in relatively civilized Los Angeles.
  • Why do people keep alluding that ThirdVoice and uTOK are doing something illegal? If I, as a user, choose to download an application and use it to add content to all of my web page requests, then it seems like I should be free to do that. (That’s exactly what the John Malkovich Mediator does, and there are other services that do things like help visually impaired web users with graphic-heavy sites.) Why you would want to use ThirdVoice or uTOK is a whole different matter…

It’s completely ridiculous that Pete Rose cannot participate in the 25 year anniversary celebration of the 1975 Cincinnati Reds World Series championship team. Bud Selig needs to be ousted, now — he’s the one that’s making baseball look terrible.

AdCritic now has the SuperFriends Wazzup commercial on their site, for those of you who couldn’t get to the original site before it was swamped with traffic.

Slate’s new Bushism of the Week:

I think we need not only to eliminate the tollbooth to the middle class, I think we should knock down the tollbooth.

I decided to listen to this past weekend’s Car Talk via the web, and a caller asked a question that sounds exactly like my old car. A Volvo GL diesel stationwagon, and I could completely envelop someone following me too closely in a cloud of black smoke. Great way to deal with tailgaters.