Hello to all the readers sent here from Neale Talbot’s Wetlog — and thanks to Neale for the virtual shout out, as it were.

And finally, the original, non-abbreviated version of the Wazzup commercial.

Brent got an answer from CNN re: their itty bitty font size; they must value him slightly more than me, since I wrote them and complained on the message board that they tell him to use, and I have got a big fat nothing from them about it. Anyhoo, they told Brent to increase his font size; they must be joking, that people are going to change their browser setup just to look at their site. Whatevers.

And to answer a question on John Auterman’s site, yes, I believe the common thread between Brent, Dave, and myself is that we all use Internet Explorer, and we all have our font size set to “small” (not “smallest”, just “small”). And CNN’s site sucks, whereas it used to look fine, and almost every other site still looks fine. (And a sincere thank you to John — his site has bookmark links for each day, so that the above link will bring you to the right place, at least as long as it is on the front page. I’ll still have to change the link when it rotates off of the front page, though.)

The Cincinnati city council has officially invited Pete Rose to the city’s celebration of the 1975 Reds World Series championship team. They also proposed banning Bud Selig from the affair, but it would have no legal standing. Excellent.

I’m sooooo jealous of Steve Tannehill — someone sent him a copy of the Academy Screener of Magnolia on DVD. I want it I want it I want it!

An interesting little ditty by an author who found some personal letters of hers for sale by an online bookstore, apparently sold to it by a former graduate school advisor.

And, a glimpse of John McCain that makes all those memories of the dirty Presidential campaign of 1988 flood back. (Although I am somewhat hesitant to point to this now, since I want McCain to kick the crap out of Dubya so that I don’t have to keep looking at his talentless face anymore, or at least for four more years…)

As predicted, the Afghan airline hijacking has ended without bloodshed and with the surrender of the hijackers. A much better ending than the one last month.

Remember the cool Astro-E satellite that I wrote about a few days ago? Well, it was put into the wrong orbit, making it unusable. Interestingly, none of the major news sources had this story for hours; instead, they had a story that it was launched successfully. MSNBC now has the story. (For all I know, CNN has the story as well, but since their redesign has left them totally unreadable on my computer, I wouldn’t know.)

The Onion: NFL Star Thanks Jesus After Successful Double Homicide. Summarizes my feeling about expressions of religious thanks after winning a sports game…

David Theige, the man behind MedEd News (a great daily medical education news site), has a a pretty on-point note today reviewing Manila. I could not agree with him more about the search engine; it took me over a week to get my search engine set up, and it would be cool if it just installed out-of-the-box.