eros asteroid from near satellite

Ahhhh, lazy Saturday (after being out way too late).

I don’t know how I missed this one, but the Astronomy Picture of the Day site had a cool image of the asteroid Eros, as seen from the NEAR satellite on its approach to the asteroid. The NEAR mission is very neat — the intention is that the satellite will become the first artificial moon of an asteroid, and monitor it. (The APOD site has great picture of a natural moon of an asteroid, though.)

I implemented a new error page for my site today — click here to try it. I also wrote a short note about some Manila-specific issues with custom error pages in Frontier; if you’ve got a Manila site and want a custom error page, it’ll help. (It is the result of a quick and clear discussion with Brent Simmons in the Frontier support discussion group.)

Any cat owner will tell you that this should not have a patent — we all do it, and have been doing it for decades.

While I agree that not being able to uninstall IE 5.5 is a problem, there’s a basic maxim at work here — if you don’t want to face such problems, don’t install beta software. Problems like this with beta software are a fact of life, and it’s the beta cycle that helps point out these problems, and get them fixed in the final shipping product. So instead of running to ZDNet complaining, report it back to Microsoft.

As if we needed any more evidence that Jesse Helms is racist swine. Despite that, though, I feel that Clinton probably could play a little tougher on the issue of race on the Federal Court level; if he made this an issue (and when better than in the last year of his presidency?), something good could come of it.

I really do feel compelled to assume that the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB for short) is a joke site, but I can’t be sure of that. If it’s not, then conspiracy theorists need to stop dropping acid. (I apologize for the Tripod popup window.)

Although… seeing as the current Shuttle mission involves radar topography, perhaps they’re also sending out some mind control signals from that radar, and we all should be wearing our AFDBs, lest we end up voting for Dubya.

(Note: I really did want to point that last Dubya link to the real George W. Bush for President page, but going there throws up a popup window, and I hate them. So instead, you get the parody page.)

Judging from the heavy demand on the live webcast page, I’m not the only one that watches and listens to NASA TV whenever the Shuttle is up.

Manila is growing itself up into a full-fledged content management system…. custody is a great new feature.