herman miller aeron chair

Yesterday, my roommate took shipment of his brand spankin’ new Aeron chair, and I had instant envy. Beautiful, ergonomic, and much better then the kitchen table chair I use at my desk; within a few hours, I had ordered my own, and it should be here within a few weeks. (Tip: order it from Living.com. First-time customers get a $100 off their first order of $500 or more, there’s free shipping, and no tax, at least not for New York purchases.)

*whimper* Charles Schulz died last night, at the age of 77. He will be missed immensely.

Funny — the Shuttle had a Y2K problem today… on a Hasselblad camera.

I dunno — when it’s this cold out, it feels strange to know that pitchers and catchers start reporting to training camp today (Cubs today, Mets on Tuesday, all 30 teams by next weekend). On the other hand, it makes it feel a little warmer out just thinking about sitting in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium watching the Bronx Bombers on a lazy weekend afternoon…

This is a spooky report. It’s an official recommendation from the IANA about redelegating the top-level domain for Pitcairn Island (top-level domain .pn) — apparently, in mid-1997, it was delegated to two people who shouldn’t have gotten it. Shortly thereafter, the government of Pitcairn, as well as the Minister in the British government who handles territories of the UK, asked for the delegation to be fixed. The scary part is that, as far as I can tell, the delegation is still in the wrong hands; this report, from this month (two-plus years after it all started, and countless official pleas for correction later), concludes that the redelegation should take place, but it doesn’t appear to have taken place.