I have three words for all of you: SNOW SNOW SNOW!

I don’t care what anyone else thinks… last night’s episode of ER was amazing. My heart raced from start to end and my emotions were completely involved in the show; as a friend put it when I spoke to her afterwards, during the commercials, I realized that I should start breathing again.

Awesome — I had no idea that there was a central repository of comments regarding Winer v. Powazek. I, like John, am slightly incredulous that a man who waxed poetic about the needless bitterness and exclusivity in the web author community would then senselessly attack another member of that community.

The Linux Knowledge Base looks like it could have some real potential when it launches in earnest.

Ummmm… some people claim that keeping a website like this is slightly freakish, but it’s nowhere near the scariness of Derek’s Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts.


Do you like Powazek’s site?

• Posted by: Dave Winer on Feb 18, 2000, 6:16 PM

In some ways, I like it, in others I don’t, but in the context of the controversy du jour, I don’t think that’s the issue.

For example, while the scrolling textbox in the middle of the page is more awkward than I’m used to, it’s also an incredibly clean interface, and if I throw IE5 into full-screen mode, it looks pretty damned cool. Another example: links opening in a new window is mildly different than I’m used to, but since I open links into new windows on my own (right-click, choose “Open In New Window”) far more often than I click through a link, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

In terms of the comments you made about his site, though, I found them very mean-spirited and petty, and in stark contrast to your own stated wishes about the sniping and bitterness in the weblog community. Like I said yesterday, I’m sure that there’s something simmering that I didn’t, and don’t, understand, but I don’t think that my perspective is all that different from most of the people who read SN, so I can only guess that most people were in a position to have a similar reaction. (And, judging from the “fallout,” for lack of a better word, I’m not all that off in that guess.)

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Feb 18, 2000, 6:30 PM

There’s nothing simmering. I just spoke like a real user of his site. Voiced my opinion. Whether it’s mean-spirited or not, I have no idea, and if I don’t know you sure don’t.

Check out NetDyslexia for some ideas on this stuff. None of it is very important. We’ll get through it just fine.

Anyway, I don’t view this as a popularity contest. You can go ahead and trust anyone you want. But I’m going to keep saying what I think no matter what.

BTW, I think your site is *much* better designed that Powazek’s. I come back to your site (and get ready to filter out your acidic comments about me). It’s a pretty site, and you have good interesting links. I’d say your site is a 9, and Derek’s is a 1.

Keep up the good work.

• Posted by: Dave Winer on Feb 19, 2000, 10:11 AM
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