Hmmm, who knew — the Fox multimillionaire isn’t all he said he was. Wow.

Salon has published a pretty good look at the issues involved with the Federal judges denying APBNews access to their financial disclosure forms; they also speculate as to whether Dubya had anything to do with the closing of certain voting stations in South Carolina’s primary today.

I don’t know how I missed yesterday that the FDA has finally gotten around to declaring mifepristone “approvable”. It’s offensive that it’s taken this long to get this far, and that it sill has hurdles to jump.

And I cannot, for the life of me, think what problem is solved for NBCi (NBC’s Internet division) by adding a “.1” to the end of already-valid email addresses. If they were changing “” to “”, then perhaps it’s justified to avoid address collision, but to leave the same domain name on the address means that this is most likely purely a power play to get people to change their addresses to some other central NBCi domain name. (I’d imagine it will, instead, get the users to change their email addresses to some HotMail or Yahoo address.)

I’ve spent my whole day setting up a new computer for my parents for their new cable modem connection, but it now turns out that Time Warner won’t get around to the connection for another two weeks. (Of course, at least my parents can get a cable modem; they live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which is where the money is, so it’s also where Time Warner provides services first. They’ve had digital cable for over a year, and can now get a cable modem; over 2/3 of the city still doesn’t have digital cable.)

And now I’ve noticed that postings in the Discussion Group don’t have their titles displayed; I’m on my way home to fix that. Fixed.

Sorry about the quietness here; I’m now redoing the config on the machine that had hosted Q for the last month. (LVD SCSI hard disk, nice video card, blah blah blah.)