Hola right back atcha, Dan… (and the other Dan, too).

I definitely need a pair of red-blue 3D glasses, and possibly, I need to stop obsessing so much over the NEAR satellite.

So, it may be that a former writer for South Park, currently writing for That 70s Show (moved to tonight!), is the genius behind the Superfriends Wazzup commercial spoof. (The spoof is on AdCritic.)

I went surfing around the web looking for information about the Blue Note music label, and also happened upon Blue Note Radio, which is just friggin’ excellent. (Two notes: first, it requires Flash, and second, it’s not going to open up exactly as it would if you went to the Blue Note homepage and clicked through to it; they use JavaScript to bring it up, and I didn’t feel like figuring it out.)

After discovering that Rick Rockwell, the groom in Fox’s Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire, once allegedly threatened to kill an ex-girlfriend, Fox has removed the rerun of the show from their schedule. (The ex-girlfriend got a restraining order against him then.)

And now, Chuck pointed here and asked whether the woman who Rockwell (nee Balkey) married can divorce him and take half his money — a very interesting question, it turns out. All 50 women who participated in the show were required to sign prenups, but the prenups (ostensibly to keep the identity of the groom a secret as long as possible) were extremely vague as to his assets; they “summarized” what he was bringing into the marriage. Almost every lawyer who has talked about this today has said that such prenups are never upheld in court; one of the basic requirements of the agreements is that they explicitly spell out the assets that are covered. It’ll be interesting.

I needs me a Massachusetts quarter!