(A brief Wazzup! to my friend VJ, who’s gonna be coming here later to find the real and spoofed commercials.)

io, moon of Jupiter

I think it’s so cool that the Galileo satellite flew within 124 miles of Io today. This is a satellite which ended its primary mission in 1997, ended its extended secondary mission last year, and now is in yet another extension. So, when a mission fails (like the recent Mars Polar Lander mission), remember that there are quite a few missions that have lasted well beyond their intended lifespans.

Rant of the day: where the author orders from Barnes & Noble online, and regrets it immensely.

Synergy: after my comments a little while ago about a San Antonio high school basketball player being charged, and convicted, of assault after throwing an elbow during a game, Bruins defenseman Marty McSorley intentionally slashed Canuck Donald Brashear and is facing a criminal investigation.

I can only assume that Palm’s new folding keyboard is the Stowaway keyboard by Think Outside. (And quickly comes confirmation of this, thanks to Lawrence.)

I used to enjoy reading Peter Coffee’s columns, but over the last year or two, he has firmly planted himself into the jack of all trades, master of none category. He also has found it incredibly difficult to hide his clear anti-Microsoft stance, and it’s gotten tiresome. (One other complaint: the above-linked article doesn’t start until halfway down the web page on my 1024x768 monitor; the portion above that is taken up by a nav bar, a banner, an ad, a search bar, a column header, and a three-line byline… not the greatest design. I’d hate to be in 640x480…)


Ricky Williams, an NFL player, was taken to jail last night for refusing to sign a traffic ticket. My favorite thing about this: his lawyer essentially said that it was terrible judgement by the police to jail him, since he’s famous and they know where he lives. Ahhhh, so that’s how our criminal justice system should work; if you’re famous, you don’t have to follow the law, since they cops know where to find you. Huh?

I dunno… I could see Finger Twister getting out of hand at office parties; a good 20-inch monitor would be an asset. (Thanks to Eric for the pointer on this one.)

I’m probably the last one to figure out that etoy.com is back on the air. Unfortunately, the Yankee Doodle background music is too annoying for words, and since I can’t hit a button to turn it off, I have to leave their site now.

Remember back on December 24th, when I recommended the Blue Note Years box set? Well, back then, it was around $200; right now, you can get it for $156.78 at CDNOW. Awesome deal, for an awesome set of music.