We started moving into our new offices today (well, most people did; I’ve been in the new place for four months now). The new offices are on the smallish side, but I really like my new workspace.

Darryl Strawberry has been suspended from baseball for a year. I feel bad for him… he beat colon cancer (or is beating it so far), but now addiction is beating him. I wish him well, and the best of luck.

sombrero galaxy

Ummmm… the Sombrero Galaxy is way cool.

Wowzers! Chuck Lau has put up a complete mirror of the original Mosaic Communications Company (the company that produced the first “Netscape” browser and went on to be Netscape). Very neato, and very early 90s. Note that there actually were multiple ways to get to the site, all looking slightly different; they’re all shown here. The best thing about the mirror is that it points to the original Yahoo URL http://akebono.stanford.edu/yahoo/; I think it’s sad that the clear majority of today’s Internet users never knew it by that address.

According to the NYC District Attorney, Sean Combs offered 50 Gs to one of the people in the car to say that his gun wasn’t his.

And also in entertainment news, Fox is pulling the plug on all those “reality shows”. That’s real, real sad…