I feel that I should help spread the word about the latest American Medical Association warning.

Is there some catch? Philip Morris agrees to some level of FDA regulation of tobacco; it will be interesting to see where this goes.

It hit me this morning that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has an effect on anyone that uses Manila to run a commercial website; I’m not sure how you’d restrict membership so that kids under 13 can’t sign up. (I asked this question over on the Frontier discussion board, and Stephen has started a discussion about COPA here as well.)

I’m listening to Cliff Ellis, coach of Auburn basketball, talk about Chris Porter being ruled ineligible by the NCAA right now, and the thing that’s disturbing me is that Ellis is almost completely blaming the agent who gave Porter money. His contention is that this guy “preyed on someone in a weak moment” — but we’re talking about an adult here, a guy with two kids. Porter’s responsible for his own choices.