A few quick pointers today…

Salon has a great review of the GOP candidates’ talk show appearances today, and laments the loss of all humor in the current race to secure the nomination. My favorite was the description of Dubya’s “appearance” on Letterman:

He tried to keep a good sense of humor, but doing an interview via satellite was a disaster, giving Bush the appearance of a slow-moving, dimwitted cousin, muttering one-word answers and laughing excessively to mask a weak grasp of irony.

Salon also has a deeper look at the way young criminals are treated in this country. It also goes into some detail about California’s odius Proposition 21, and centers on the observation that measures like Prop 21 are a rarity these days.

And just because I love you all, here’s The Tongue Page, with pictures of the strangest, longest, most pierced tongues you’ve ever seen.