The American Medical Association is behaving like morons.

Quality Web Enterprises is a free Manila hosting service in the UK, but they have a scary provision in their FAQ:

You agree to allow Do-i-d Ltd. to publish on the internet any of the stuff you put in your website at yourSite.qwe.as

On reading this, there are two meanings: first, that anything you put on your site will be displayed on your site (which seems obvious), or second, that they have the right to repurpose any of your content for their own use. If it’s the first, then it seems that someone who doesn’t already understand this doesn’t belong on the web; if it’s the second, then it’s the same provision that has backfired on many a free webpage provider (GeoCities and Tripod, to name two from recent memory).

Ick, VeriSign is buying Network Solutions. I have a terrible history with VeriSign — they continue to spam me, no matter how many people I talk to and try to get off of their lists. They claim that, since I own an SSL certificate of theirs, they have the right to email me. And Network Solutions has always felt this way… you have to give them your email address to register a domain name, and they just send crap to that address willy-nilly, even if you explicitly tell them not to do so.

One byproduct of my trip to San Antonio is that I now have to order HBO; my friends got me hooked on The Sopranos. I was getting sick of the hype (it’s impossible to turn your head in NYC without seeing an ad for it or hearing someone talk about it), but it lived up to that hype.

I need to start using Dan’s Subhonker Filter, an alternative interface to the weblogs that are listed on Weblogs.Com. Especially because he’s provided a bookmarklet that throws the filter window into your Internet Explorer search pane (notice: clicking on that last link opens your search pane).

I was trying to find a good sound to notify my dad that he has new mail, and stumbled across the Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesizer… now I can truly customize the sound!


I used the search pane just now to get to your site. It’s definitely worth it. I can’t use weblogs.com either for the same reason.

SHF or bust!


• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Mar 7, 2000, 1:03 PM
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