“The Go Network seems to have removed all forms of the Infoseek name from the Infoseek search engine. Why?”

Well I’m just guessing but I’d say it’s because Disney/GO have decided to make their portal much more entertainment (Disney entertainment, that is) centric and they don’t want the name “Infoseek” confusing anyone.

My friend works for Infoseek and says it’s a pretty empty shell right now. After the six months of “stay here this much longer after we take you over and we’ll give you some extra options” was up, most Infoseek employees went elsewhere. Lots and lots of empty cubicles. According to my friend (who is still there), this didn’t cause Disney any tremendous pain or concern.

But that’s gossip. I really think Disney (probably wisely) decided that it can’t be an all-things-to-all-people portal like Yahoo and is working to reshape go.com into a narrower kind of thing.



That’s sad to me — Infoseek is the best of the search engines right now, and Dan Hartung tells me that it’s also the best at doing searches within results.

I hope that it sticks around, even if it doesn’t maintain the name that I know.


• Posted by: Jason Levine on Mar 8, 2000, 7:38 PM
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