In We’re here!, I will find out where I’ve been drafted for residency…

I could not admire Sean Elliott any more — he aims to return to playing games for the San Antonio Spurs this coming Tuesday. He will be the first professional athlete to ever return to their sport after a kidney transplant; I can’t think of any players that have returned after any major solid organ transplants.

OK, so I just had my palm read online, and sort of in line with not having some of the lines that the pages talked about (and asked me to choose representative versions of), the conclusion wasn’t all that insightful or applicable. Serves me right for having my palm read online, really. (Thanks, Z, for the pointer.)

Does anyone know of a utility that can tell you whether or not a specific GIF image uses LZW compression? I don’t care what platform it runs on, although Linux/Unix or Win32 is easiest for me. If you do, I’d appreciate it if you could drop me a line or post in the discussion group. (I’ve tried the identify utility that comes with ImageMagick, but it says that LZW is used in images that I’m pretty sure aren’t using it.)

I hadn’t read about the prank Rick Mercer played on Dubya. Classic.

Ah, the complexities of nominating a semi-obscene song for an Oscar — the Academy doesn’t know how they will perform Blame Canada. And to add to the problem list, Mary Kay Bergman, who committed suicide late last year, sang a few of the voices in the song; producers are unsure who they’ll get to replace her. I usually don’t tune in to the Oscars, but clearly I’ll have to this year.

I think it’s righteously cool that you can read then entirety of the O’Reilly Book Using Samba online.

You know, the world just feels better when your ass is firmly planted in an Aeron chair.

Interesting theory, having someone else maintain your ‘log while you’re out of town.