Sorry about the no-update-day… I spent the day at my parents, waiting for Time Warner cable to show up to install their cable modem. This was the fourth scheduled installation, after they missed the first three, and yep, you got it, they missed this one too. If I can hold any sway over anyone’s future purchase plans in the way of cable modems, stay clear of Time Warner. They suck.

From Jess comes a website that hits my pet peeve squarely on the head: the Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks. (In NYC, where a lot of store owners don’t speak the King’s English per se, quotes turn up in all the wrong places — menus saying things like Kung Pao “Chicken”, street vendors with signs like “Coffee” and “Donut” $1.50, and that kind of thing.)

Something making its way around the web these days is the URL for FECinfo, a website which maintains an online, searchable-by-zip-code database of campaign contributions. Something that I noticed tonight is that many of the contributions are linked to images of the actual FEC reporting forms filed by the candidates, which means that you can look up 90210 and see the actual home addresses of a couple celebs (and who they have given money to). You can also type in 20500 (the zip code of the White House) and see that there are no registered contributions from that location… of course.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, it’s We’re here! until I match for residency.)