Yep, now all those non-Catholics can stop rolling in their graves.

Well, well, well…. Bob Jones University hasn’t really ended its policy against interracial dating; under their new policy, if you want to date someone of another race, you need a note from your parents. This is a no-brainer way to “solve” the problem, since I’d bet that Bob Jones is banking on the fact that parents who would let their children go to this citadel of intolerance and hatred probably wouldn’t permit their kids to date kids of another race. (Meanwhile, if you’re the administrator who’s in charge of these letters, do you start a new file in your cabinet named Blaspheming Racemixers?)

Dear Dr. Bob:
Please excuse Sally from class this morning; she had a touch of the stomach flu. Oh, and please let her date black people.
Mrs. Smith

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the press publish a compendium of all the bad reviews of a movie before. (Apparently, Mission to Mars is not the movie to see this spring.)