There’s no gettin’ around it, I’m in the crappiest mood I’ve been in in years. A combination of stress, boredom, hurt, and fear… that’ll get ya’ every time. Time to get back to reading.

Match Day is We’re here! away, and the butterflies won’t go away. (Although today is the day that you find out if you have matched — but not where — and when I logged into the site, I saw Congratulations, you have been matched!.)

I mean, I think that the NRA has gone mad.

Salon has a good essay on the issues surrounding the first-grade shooting in Michigan. I agree with its premise — where were all the outraged people when this little boy was being neglected and ignored over the past six years?

British Aerospace and Airbus are working on a new generation of planes that will seat over 500 people. This is pretty cool, but given my flying experiences over the past few months, I dread how long it will take to load and unload passengers from planes like these. Amd once you add shops and other services to the mix, flying is going to be very different.

From Stephen C. De Beste comes Rotten Tomatoes, a website that gathers movie reviews of all kinds and points of view. The official view on Mission to Mars: rotten.

I think that the Sea Launch platform is one of the cooler things to come out of the aerospace industry lately, so it makes me sad that they had a launch failure overnight.